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Latin Lemon products are absolutely fresh and arrive almost directly from our fields to the table. Our lemons are grown in a peaceful environment, in the mountainside of the Aconquija region, places where the silence and air purity reign. These factors make the fruit produced by Latin Lemon preserve its natural aroma, contains the perfect juice quantity, a bright yellow skin, and an intense and unique flavor, with all the lemon nutritional benefits.

Our team is composed of individuals with extensive experience in the industry, ensuring the reliability and quality of the production.

Fresh Fruit

Our Inspiration

Latin Lemon tiene sus orígenes en la admiración y deseo de nuestros ancestros por estas tierras y El Limón. Ellos nos enseñaron a cultivarlo y amarlo, por eso Latin Lemon es como un sueño que combina nostalgia con admiración sincera por El Limón, su naturaleza y entorno. Por todo esto, es que nos inspiramos en la producción artesanal de nuestras tierras para enviar al mundo nuestro mas preciado Limón.


We have 1,000 has. of own and managed lemon plantations . Fields are located in the northern and the southern regions of the province of Tucumán. The diversity of climates allows extending production from March to September. Both the packing process and the industry are developed in a new packing plant located in Bella Vista (Tucumán) equipped with cutting edge technology. We packed fruit for export and domestic market.

All industry processes are certificated under quality standards HACCP, BPM, Kosher, Halal, SGF y FSSC 22000 complying with international quality standards.
The packing house is certified under: BRC, SMETA, GLOBAL GAP, GRASP standards. All these standards quality certifications ensure food safety.


Our main markets are, United States, the European Union and Russia. Products are also exported to Middle and Far East and Canada. Latin Lemon is well known by its brands Latin Lemon, Gipsy, San Pio, Clipsy and Bella Vista. With the opening of the lemon market to the United States, our packing plant complies the quality standards to export lemons to that country. Also we are available to export lemons to CHINA.


Latin Lemon certifies quality through  ALL Lemon- Tested and Certified for Export.

Our Brands

3.750 Tns
dehydrated lemon peel
375 Tns
aceite escencial de limón
4.500 Tns
lemon juice concentrate
fresh lemon