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We bring the same lemons to your table that we bring to ours. For this, we follow and take care of the entire process: production, packaging and export. We have been growing and improving and we will continue to do so for you.
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Latin Lemon

We want to always be at your table, taking care of you and your family just as we take care of ours.

Latin Lemon is a company specialized in the production of lemons for export and its industrial products, Essential Oil (AEL), Concentrated Lemon Juice (JCL) ,Dehydrated peel (CDL) and other industrial by- products.
Its industrial grinding volume is 75,000 tons / year, with a packing capacity of 3,000,000 fresh lemon boxes for export  (55,000 tons / year). In addition to exporting and marketing the fruit from its fields, Latin Lemon provides services to third parties, ranking first as a fresh lemon packing company from Argentina.

It is production takes place in the province of Tucumán, located in the North of Argentina. Our main goal is to provide high quality products.tailored to the needs of our customers.

An integrated business

Latin Lemon is vertically integrated, we have own lemons nurseries (5.500m2) for ours farms and for sales to producers, we produce our own lemons which allows us to guarantee the quality of the fruit for export, this scheme assures the raw material supply to the industry, and the optimization of production processes which takes place in Bella Vista industry complex of more than 20,000 square meters within a 400,000 m2 property on the 157 National Route at a distance of 23 km from the city of San Miguel de Tucumán, Argentina

Since 2006 in the citrus market

5.500 m2
own nurseries
1.000 has
own or third party
75.000 Tns
Packing Capacity
75.000 Tns
Industry capacity

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